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Web Site Design and Development

Imagitec prides itself on creating eye-catching sites (in case you did not notice!)

We also offer standard business and/or information formats for those clients that prefer less active pages.  We have links below to several sites we have created for other companies.

Imagitec can recommend several resources for Web Templates and/or Themes that fit certain business formats.  If a client can find one that meets their desired needs and format, the creation process can be accelerated and simplified.  Imagitec handles the template purchase and installation onto the client's hosted site.  Imagitec can then simply add the client's content to complete the site and reduce the overall cost.

We can build your site from the "ground up", meaning that we can:
   Research available domain names.
   Acquire and register the domain desired.
   Acquire Hosting services and Email accounts.
   Design and create the initial pages of the web site.
   Setup Outlook/Outlook Express to Retrieve email from those accounts.
   As well as train in-house staff to do future Web Edits.

In many cases Imagitec has been able to acquire a new domain name, order hosting, activate web building access, setup email accounts and create a temporary front page for the same site all within a few hours of the commitment by the customer.

If in-house editing is not possible for the client, then Imagitec can do edits per request and always within 24 hours of delivery of the content changes provided those changes are minor and do not require major alterations to the format of the site or its pages.

If you have had your site managed, hosted and/or created by another company, that is not a problem.  We can work with the previous company to transfer authority, hosting, etc. to Imagitec, then assist you in making the appropriate changes to the site.  If disassociation with that other company has been a problem, Imagitec can act on your behalf to notify the InterNIC and transfer the site and authority.  Nothing for you to worry about.

What does Imagitec charge for Web Services?  The cost to client's can vary greatly, but typically start at $1000.  Imagitec can discuss the options with you in a Free 1 Hour Consultation.  Imagitec's rates are listed on the first page of our site.  Onsite work (further consultation, web editing, photography, etc) is invoiced at $100/Hr.  Offsite work (domain research, template research, acquisition/setup of domain/hosting, web samples, web editing, creation of content, etc) is invoiced at $75/Hr.

What affects the cost of this process?  There are several factors that influence/affect the overall cost to create a web site.  Generally, the more the client contributes to the process (i.e.- domain name research, template research, writing site content, taking of photos, etc), the lower the overall cost.  The more that Imagitec needs to perform of this process, the greater the overall cost.  Imagitec's most involved clients with informational sites under 6 pages that used basic layouts or pre-designed templates and provided their own written content and photos lowered their cost to approximately $1000.  This included Imagitec's invoice (a one time cost paid to Imagitec) and the client's first year of domain registry and hosting (a recurring cost paid by the client's credit card.)

The Domain Registry and Hosting portion of this process is typically charged by the Hosting Provider directly to the client's credit card and is separate from Imagitec's invoice.  These are the only recurring fees.  In almost all cases, this portion of the overall cost is under $80 for the first year covering both registration and hosting.  To insure continued web site availability, the hosting provider will automatically charge the client's credit card the same amount annually on the site's anniversary.  Domain Registration and Hosting can be cancelled with the Hosting Provider at any time, but generally there are no refunds of these annual fees.

How is the site designed if a template CANNOT be selected?  In several cases, Imagitec has assisted clients in designing their site in steps and did this offsite.  After a client has selected a domain and Imagitec has acquired the site on the client's behalf, Imagitec can create sample pages with choices for the client to review.  The selections can include dozens of background patterns, colors, font styles, font colors, formats, images, etc.  The client can identify their preferences, one at a time and then Imagitec can produce a sample page with all the client's choices combined.  If the sample page meets the client's desires, then the site building can begin.  If the sample page is not quite right, the client can make other selections until "it looks right!"  All the while, the client is doing this from the comfort of their own home and at their own pace.  Imagitec simply accumulates its time toward the final invoice for services.

Imagitec has managed all of the previous situations described for several sites.  Below are a few links you can follow that are examples of sites we either manage, transferred or were the initial creators.  You can click on the links to open a new window and view their site.
   Sanibel Family Fun (initial creation, currently manage and complete.)
Sanibel Seabreeze (initial creation, currently manage and complete.)
Sanibel Sunshine (renovated, currently manage and complete.)
Carol Gagnon Art (initial creation, currently manage and complete.)
Phil Gainer (initial creation, currently manage and planning renovation.)
Wright Corporate Benefits (initial creation.)
   And how could we forget this site of course.

Search Engine ranking is another topic that many potential and existing web clients have inquired about.  Early ranking methodologies were public knowledge and shortly after were abused.  After years of fine-tuning, use and abuse the search engine entities have come close to perfecting the methodology.  Now, the algorithms for determining position in a search engine listing are complex and elaborate (in fact, almost a government secret) and focus more on uniqueness of content and linked web site uniqueness rating. 
   Imagitec makes zero guarantees about placement or rankings in search engines.  Other organizations may claim to be able to position your site high in the rankings, but the Google links below spell-out the evidence that proves their claims to be false. 
   Unless you are utilizing Pay-per-Click advertising through the desired search engine, high listing position is no longer a predictable nor controllable aspect of search engine marketing or promotion. 
   To understand the current methodologies used to rank search listings, please read the details at Google.
   Imagitec will work with its Web Site clients to produce a site that is entity relevant, professional, functional, and is as unique in content as possible.  Promotion of the client's site outside of search engines (namely via printed advertising, newsletters, public postings, local news coverage, and/or newspaper articles) is a must and is often a greater influence over traffic creation for the web site. 
   Imagitec will be happy to discuss this topic further with a web site client, but "don't put the cart before the horse"...  the web site needs to exist and be ready for promotion BEFORE focusing on elevating search engine ranking.

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Always protect your computer by utilizing active, updated and current antivirus software.  This means that it must be: active- running at all times; updated- the latest signature/definition file must have been downloaded and installed; and current- you are using a version that offers appropriate protection for your operating system as well as for the applications you use.

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