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Always protect your computer by utilizing active, updated and current antivirus software.  This means that it must be: active- running at all times; updated- the latest signature/definition file must have been downloaded and installed; and current- you are using a version that offers appropriate protection for your operating system as well as for the applications you use.

MyJournal Software                              

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6.59MB, approx. under 1 min over DSL/Cable

Read about what the MyJournal software does...
Begin to Download the MyJournal software... (download and installation instructions are below)
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We have created an electronic journal software.  You can use this software as a diary, workout journal, correspondence ledger, etc.  It is simple to use and will keep private information safe since it is password protected.  This program is called MyJournal.

MyJournal is a Windows based program that you can download and install on your computer.  The download file is just under 7MB which means it can take less than a minute (DSL/Cable Modem) to download depending on the speed of your Internet access.

This program will run on Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10.  The program is under 10 MB so just about everyone should have the hard-drive space.  And we have tested the program on a computer as low as a 233MHz with 64MB of Ram with Windows 95... and it ran great!

This program is a 14 Day Free Trial Demo, but after Registering... it stays FREE... forever!!!  The Trial Demo is 99% fully functional.  Click HERE to read all about what this program can do!!!!

When the trial expires, your entries will remain intact, but you will need to use our Registration page online in order to continue to use it.  This program is lifelong once Registered.  This program is usually sold for $20.  Similar programs available online start at $40... so ours is a fabulous deal!!!

If you have already installed the MyJournal software and are ready to Register it... click

Here are the instructions for the
1- Download the MyJournal Self-Extracting file by clicking HERE and chose the Save button.
   2- After completely transferred, Click Open to Run the file.  This will trigger WinZip to extract the files to a specific folder on your computer.
   3- Click on the UnZip button in the WinZip window.  You will need to click on an OK and a Close button when it is completed.
   4- Now, open My Computer or Windows Explorer and point to the C:\TEMP folder.
   5- Double Click on the Setup.exe file and follow the onscreen instructions.  We recommend that you leave all the defaults.

If you have any problems or questions, please email us by clicking: Email 
Have FUN!!!  

MyJournal software written by Imagitec
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