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New Computer Preparation, Setup and File Transfer for $600.  Have no idea how to get your stuff from your old computer to your new computer... just give Imagitec a call.  We can make certain that your new computer is COMPLETELY updated and then after compiling a list of your desirable files, move them from the old computer to the new computer.  We usually perform this service at our office in under 48 hours.  Eliminates the hassle related to lost files, forgotten address books and hidden data.  Call for details today (239) 633-5056.
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Always protect your computer by utilizing active, updated and current antivirus software.  This means that it must be: active- running at all times; updated- the latest signature/definition file must have been downloaded and installed; and current- you are using a version that offers appropriate protection for your operating system as well as for the applications you use.

MyJournal Software Registration

The MyJournal software is
FREE  (was $20).

Firstly, you should not attempt to register the MyJournal software until AFTER doing the Download, Installation and 14 Day Free Trial.  We are anxious to complete your Registration, but these steps must happen first!

If you have performed all the above steps, and have actually used the MyJournal software on your computer... then you are ready to register the program.  

There are only a few pieces of information needed to finalize the registration... one is the Lock Code from within MyJournal.  
   If the 14 day trial has expired, MyJournal displays the Lock Code on the Login screen.  
   If the 14 day trial has NOT expired, you can find it in the lower left corner of the Personal Settings tab.

Please Send an email to myjournal@imagsys.com with the Lock Code in the Subject, we will reply with the needed Key Code to unlock MyJournal permanently.  Without your email address, we will not be able to send you the Key Code to unlock MyJournal.

It will take 24-48 hours for Imagitec to reply with the Key Code.

MyJournal software written by Imagitec
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