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Imagitec knows that many individuals and companies would prefer to do things on their own and at their own pace.  Although some critical issues and situations may require experienced technicians, Imagitec can educate the client in order to serve themselves in the future.  Now, we do not suggest taking your computer apart tomorrow, but we can train our clients to do many of the "not-so-difficult" tasks.  Here are some of the areas/programs we have trained clients in:

   Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Outlook, Publisher)
   Microsoft Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8, & 8.1)
   Citrix MetaFrame Server 1.8
   Scanning and Digital Cameras
   Surfing the Web in Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, etc
   Sending and Retrieving Email via Outlook Express, Outlook, Windows Live Mail, Thunderbird, etc.
   Microsoft FrontPage 2003 and Expressions Web 2 for Web Editing
   Basic computer usage and even fundamental computer repair
   And many other things to vast to list here.

When a customer wants the potential to serve itself in a computer or software capacity and the able-bodied staff is available for training, Imagitec brings its educational expertise to the site and empowers the clients staff to get the job done from that point forward.

If we have ever USED it ourselves... we can train someone else to do it.  Just give us a call with your training needs and we will arrive with lessons in hand.  

Not content to train without hands-on exposure, Imagitec will work with the client to provide training stations for students use.  We must create a training environment that encourages understanding and retention.

Imagitec customizes each training program to the needs of the client.  There is no need to waste time in areas in which the student is already well versed... let's move on to the topics which improve performance, productivity and profit.  That is a game plan upon which we can all agree.

Worried about the cost of this training? Imagitec can discuss the options with you in a Free Consultation.  Once we can identify the desires of the client and the content of the training, we can create a Proposal Options table complete with the costs of each option.  You will not get a "surprise" invoice when it is all done.  Instead you will be able to select the option that fits your needs best at that time and know what it will end up costing.  If the situation changes, we continue to honor the Proposal table and its prices.

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New Computer Preparation, Setup and File Transfer for $600.  Have no idea how to get your stuff from your old computer to your new computer... just give Imagitec a call.  We can make certain that your new computer is COMPLETELY updated and then after compiling a list of your desirable files, move them from the old computer to the new computer.  We usually perform this service at our office in under 48 hours.  Eliminates the hassle related to lost files, forgotten address books and hidden data.  Call for details today (239) 633-5056.
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Always protect your computer by utilizing active, updated and current antivirus software.  This means that it must be: active- running at all times; updated- the latest signature/definition file must have been downloaded and installed; and current- you are using a version that offers appropriate protection for your operating system as well as for the applications you use.

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